Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Our History

From its establishment, Adventure-Natomas has made local and global missions a priority for our church. Our Global Missions Program was developed in the Spring of 2004. An initial Global Missions Advisory Group was formed and initially met in April 2004. The Advisory Group determined the vision and mission of the program; the processes for the selection of mission projects to support; the specific programs for on-going support; and the process for reviewing the work being supported. Later the Advisory Group developed a budget to support three initial and ongoing projects: 1) addressing AIDS in Africa; 2) supporting the founding of a Bible College in Biahr, India; and 3) providing Emergency Relief for specific crises in the U.S. and abroad. The Global Mission Program officially launched in August 2005 with a focus on church planting and humanitarian assistance. Since 2005, the Program has been overseen by the Global Missions Program Team, The Global Missions Program is now entering its fourth year, and has broadened our work to include long-term support for key programs/missionaries and short-term mission support in a range of global communities including Zimbabwe, Africa; Bihar, India; Cambodia, Israel, Haiti, and China. 

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to compassionately serve the spiritual and humanitarian needs of our missionaries, mission programs and global communities.
Inspiring transformation in global communities through the gospel of Jesus Christ and humanitarian service.

Missions We Support

*  China Bridge International
Contact:  Wendy Miller

*  Chidamoyo Hospital - Zimbabwe
Contact:  Kathy McCarty

*  LaRoca Ministries
Contact:  Carlos Montoya

*  New Tribes - Berglunds
Contact:  Greg and Pam Berglund

Adventure Global Missions

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