A Letter from the Pastor

When Melissa and I first came to Natomas in 2003, we had a dream of starting a multi-ethnic, Christ-centered, Bible-believing church with an emphasis on children, students, and compassion ministries. During that summer, we passed out “How to Drug Proof Your Teens” brochures in front of Raley’s, and, if people were interested, we let them know that we were in the initial stages of starting a church. That summer, we launched small groups for men, women, and couples, and had two pre-launch services the following August and September on the grounds of Club Westlake. Our first services were held on October 5, 2003 at Natomas Middle School.

As we grew, we moved meeting sites from Natomas Middle School (now NP3), to Heron School, to The Benvenuti Performing Arts Center, and then to a leased building of our own at 1500 North Market.

The last move to 1500 North Market happened because during the Great Recession in 2009, Adventurers accepted the challenge to put God’s house first and give sacrificially. NOW, it’s time to take the next step and purchase the building so Adventure Church can focus on expanding ministry, not where to meet.

Failing to purchase the building very likely sends us back to looking for a new meeting site.

These are exciting times at Adventure. Our attendance averages more than 500 each week, and we had over 881 people in attendance for Easter, with more than 30 people being baptized. We believe the Multiply Hope Mission will bring even more exciting times as each of us is challenged to pray, serve, give, and love at a higher level so God’s kingdom can be advanced in Natomas.

Will you accept the challenge to be a part of Multiplying Jesus’s hope in an imperfect world? We hope so, and promise that you won’t be disappointed in the growth, peace, and joy that you experience in the process.

Many blessings to you,

Scott and Melissa Mathews

What is the Multiply Hope Mission?

The Multiply Hope Mission is a faith-building, three-year spiritual journey that will call Adventurers to give above and beyond their normal tithes and offerings to invest in the future of our church, the spiritual growth of our people, and the forevers of people in the Natomas and Sacramento areas.

Date to reach financial goal
so purchase process can begin.

Financial goal for down payment
for the campus at 1500 North Market

Purchase price of our building which
is currently valued at $4 Million.


For every person who calls Adventure home, to give over and above their regular giving towards the purchase of 1500 North Market as our permanent campus bringing Jesus’ hope to an imperfect world.

Vision Goals


stewardship: To purchase the campus before the lease expires on April 30, 2021 and save more than a million dollars.

community: To have a permanent facility to use as a gift to our community.

growth: To increase our growth capacity to five thousand people in weekly attendance with more space for youth, children, and adults.

new disciples: To see hundreds of people come to Christ and be baptized every year.

discipleship: To see Christians grow in their faith and pray constantly, serve passionately, give generously, share regularly, love unconditionally, and follow willingly.

unleash compassion: To position Adventure to unleash global and local compassion.


The mission will run through 2021.


Multiply Hope Mission Launch

SEPT 30-NOV 10

Season of Prayer


Churchwide Vision Events


Leadership Commitment Event

NOV 11

Day of Commitment, Celebration, & First Fruits Service

ARE YOU READY? Take Your Next Step!

What do I need to do? PRAY. Ask God what part you and your family have to play in the Multiply Hope Mission and then step out in faith.